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Many homeowners feel that a bigger system must mean better cooling, but that is not the case.  It is true that the oversized system might cool the house quicker, but it can also result in:

  • A damp feeling house – the system does not run long enough to dehumidify the air.
  • Shorter lifetime for the system – the systems turns on and off more frequently.
  • Excessive “air” noise – the system forces air through your duct system more quickly.
  • Added expense – bigger systems cost more.

Our Promise To You

If there is more life left in your system, we will help you find it.  You receive a complete load calculation as part of every Free Equipment Estimate.

Why is it Important to Have a Load Calculation When Buying an AC System?


It is as important to buy the correct size air conditioning for your home as it is the correct size of shoe.  You would not buy a shoe two sizes bigger than your foot just in case.  So neither should you buy an air conditioning system that is too big for the footprint of your home.


The only way to make sure of the system size your home requires is to do a load calculation.  Many HVAC contractors rely on rules of thumb to determine the sizes of the cooling systems they install because a load calculation takes time and attention to detail.


An accurate load calculation takes into consideration the square footage of your home, the building materials used, the design of your home, how much and what type of insulation you have, the number and type of your windows, the size and condition of your ductwork, even the orientation of your home, and the landscaping around your home.

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