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Maintaining the Right Amount of Fresh Air in Your Home

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Fresh air coming from the outside is an important factor in proper ventilation and good indoor air quality. However, there should only be enough air moving into your home to maintain balance. Here Anthony’s Cooling-Heating-Electrical, a reputable HVAC contractor, shares tips on how you can keep the right amount of fresh air inside your home.

How to Determine the Right Amount of Fresh Air

To figure out the appropriate amount of fresh air that needs to circulate in your home, you need to consider three temperature measurements:

  • Outside Air Temperature (OAT) – This refers to the temperature of the air that’s entering your HVAC system from the outside.

  • Return Air Temperature (RAT) – This is the temperature of the return air entering the equipment.

  • Mixed Air Temperature (MAT) – This is the temperature of the air just past the outside air inlet where the return air and the outside air mix together.

Furthermore, you can use this formula to get the specific amount of fresh air that you should allow inside your home:

Fresh Air % = ((MAT – RAT) / (OAT – RAT)) X 100

How to Maintain Fresh Air in Your Home

Keep in mind that the amount of fresh air that enters your home can have an impact on your indoor air quality. That said, you can follow these tips to ensure your interior gets enough fresh air every day:

  • Leave your windows open for 15 minutes each day.

  • The best time to open your windows is before 10 am or after 9 pm, when there’s less pollution outside, so you might want to take advantage of this.

  • Ventilate your kitchen and bathroom first. Then, open up the windows in your bedroom later on.

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