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Bird Key, in Sarasota, Florida, was a fishing hot spot reachable only by boat until 1926. Thomas Worcester built the first home on Bird Key, “New Edzell Castle”, in 1911 as homage to his wife. “New Edzell Castle” was completed after her death in 1914. The fantastic home was built as a tribute to Mrs. Worcester’s ancestral Scottish Castle.

In 1920, John Ringling bought the property with plans to make it the “Summer Whitehouse” for President Harding, but those plans never materialized.

In 1926, when modern air conditioning was invented, John Ringling decided to build more homes on Bird Key. Contractor Owen Burns built the first bridge connecting Bird Key to Sarasota. Dredging began, too. Since then, by dredging sand from the ocean floor, they have increased the size of Bird Key ten times.

Many famous residents reside on Bird Key today, and the fishing is still great, too.

Like most island communities, Bird Key has special air conditioning repair needs. High humidity, the sun and closeness to the water deteriorate air conditioning systems faster than AC systems located in inland area. Anthony’s has been repairing air conditioners and installing AC systems on Bird Key since 1988.

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