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4 Signs That You Need a New Air Conditioning System

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Like other home utilities, air conditioning systems have finite service lives and will need to be replaced at some point. Planning ahead of an expected AC replacement can save you from the inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns. In this blog, Anthony’s Cooling-Heating-Electrical shares the signs that you need to replace your air conditioning system.

There’s no cool air coming from the air conditioner — Low output can be caused by one or more factors, such as faulty wiring or refrigerant leaks. If basic troubleshooting steps—cleaning the outdoor unit or resetting the thermostat—don’t fix the problem, you need to schedule an appointment with your air conditioning technician. Set your expectations that you might need a new air conditioner, especially if it’s already beyond its expected service life.

There’s moisture around the air conditioning unit — condensation that forms around the air conditioner is normal. It’s another matter entirely when the moisture is coming from a leak. Leaking water indicates a problem with the condensate lines, which in most cases is repairable. Leaking refrigerant will require more work because, once the leak is addressed, the refrigerant will need to be recharged. Depending on how severe the leak is, there’s a chance that your air conditioning installation contractor will have to perform a replacement.

It’s making unusual noises — Air conditioners emit a steady humming noise during normal operation. If you’re hearing noises other than this, such as grinding, banging, or squealing, then there could be serious problems with your air conditioner. Don’t ignore them in the hopes they’ll go away; such noises mean the damage will only get worse. Noises that persist even after repairs are performed clearly indicate the need for a new air conditioning system.

You’re calling for repairs too frequently — Are you making repair appointments with your HVAC technician too often? This means that your air conditioner isn’t as efficient as it once was and will need to be replaced soon. Also, consider how the cumulative cost of repairs could be better spent on a new, more efficient air conditioner.

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