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HVAC Service Contracts: Are They Worth the Money?

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When we shiver at night during the chilly months of winter or sweat on hot, humid days, we typically rely on one thing in particular to keep us comfortable — our HVAC system. It’s an essential tool in maintaining comfortable living conditions, whether at home or inside a commercial building. If you’re installing new heating and cooling units or simply repairing an old one, many companies may offer an extended HVAC service contract. In this post, Anthony's Cooling-Heating-Electrical discusses HVAC service contracts.

What Is an HVAC Service Contract?

Rather than paying for individual maintenance visits, a service contract will allow the company to pay for the maintenance and servicing of their equipment over a specified period of time. The fee for this service is fixed. If you’re interested in service contracts, it’s best to compare the prices and coverage offered by several different companies.

What Does an HVAC Service Contract Cover?

According to air conditioning installation experts, there are three categories of service contracts. In the first category are contracts covering only the labor cost of planned maintenance visits to check, clean and adjust equipment. The second category covers labor costs for both planned maintenance visits and unplanned repairs. Lastly, there are some contracts that cover labor costs for maintenance and repair visits as well as the costs of selected components.

Benefits of a Service Contract

A service contract will allow you to do an annual tune-up of your HVAC system. This routine maintenance is key to maintaining your home's energy efficiency. With the help of experienced technicians, issues with your furnace or air conditioner will be spotted before they can cause further damage and pose health risks. In addition, some property owners avail themselves of an HVAC service contract to insure against expensive repair bills. However, it’s still important to review the level of protection and coverage a specific service contract can provide.

If you’re considering a service contract, make sure to choose the company well. Here at Anthony’s Cooling, Heating & Electrical, you can be confident that our cooling and heating services are of outstanding quality. Call us today at (941) 347-0779 or fill out this contact form to schedule a free consultation.