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Overloaded Circuits: Possible Risks & Prevention Tips

Man troubleshooting overloaded circuit

Electricity plays a huge role in our daily lives–in fact, our entertainment, comfort, health and security all depend on its presence and usage. But on the flip side, electricity can also be dangerous. The most common hazard is an overloaded electrical circuit, which can lead to serious property damage when not addressed. The trusted electrical technicians at Anthony's Cooling-Heating-Electrical, Inc. share what you need to know about this particular problem here.

What are the Risks of an Overloaded Circuit?

Electricity runs through a wire, which heats up because it resists the flow of the electrical current. The amount of heat a wire generates will depend on the size of the wire and the number of electronic devices you have plugged into the outlet. Too-small wiring and too many devices can overload a circuit. When this occurs, the wires will overheat, melting their insulation and producing a burning odor from outlets and switches which could be harmful if inhaled. An overloaded circuit can cause electric shock, possibly affect the plugged-in device, and worst of all ignite a fire.

How Do You Prevent an Overloaded Circuit?

Here’s some good news–it’s simple to keep your circuits from overloading and causing extensive damage. You should, for example:

  1. Watch out for warning signs, such as dimming lights, when you turn on appliances, buzzing sounds and burning smell from outlets and switches and scorched plugs and outlets.
  2. Turn off the power and consult a top electrical repair expert like Anthony's Cooling-Heating-Electrical for the necessary solution.
  3. Move appliances that plug in to a circuit that’s used less often.
  4. Avoid turning on too many appliances at once. If you’re vacuuming, for instance, switch off the TV and sound system since you won’t be able to hear them anyway.
  5. Replace incandescent and halogen lights with energy-saving LEDs to reduce lighting loads.
  6. Invest in an electrical panel upgrade.

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