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Tips to Creating the Best Outdoor Space

Patio with hanging lights and couch

People are often so caught up in designing the inside of their home that they forget about the outside. But your home should be a place you love to live in and one that makes you feel safe.

Enter: Outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting can make a huge difference in your home's curb appeal (while also enhancing your safety). Check out these five lighting options that can help make your outdoor space the talk of the town.

Lighting That Will Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting has many benefits you may not be aware of. These lights help make your property look much brighter, which is not only a great way to deter potential break-ins, but it will also make your home look nice and inviting to all your guests.

Landscape lighting also serves as a fantastic way to highlight steps or objects that might be in your paths and walkways. These lights ensure you, your family, and your guests can see where you’re going and don't have to worry about tripping on something in the dark and potentially getting hurt.

Pool Cage Lighting

Who doesn't love a nice night swim? While going for a dip late at night can be an excellent way to cool down or have some fun, it can also be dangerous. In the dark, it can be challenging to see if someone is struggling or potentially drowning in the pool, which could lead to disaster. Installing cage lighting is a great way to enjoy your pool at night while maintaining everybody's safety.

While pool lights are an excellent preventative measure, they can also add significantly to the ambiance of your pool. After you install cage lighting, your next pool party will be the talk of the town as the cool lights will not only improve the look of your pool they will also allow you to keep the festivities going through the night!

Pro-tip: When looking to install lighting around the pool it is best left to the professionals. Anytime electricity and water are near each other, it can pose a potential threat if not handled correctly.

Dock Lighting

Docks can be a treacherous place to be at night. The darkness may hide the actual length of the dock, causing someone to walk off accidentally, or it can even conceal objects that cause someone to trip and fall.

In the best case, these accidents just necessitate a change of clothes; however, all too often, it can lead to injury or worse. Ensure the safety of you and your loved ones by installing deck lighting so that they can see potential trip and fall hazards or be rescued if they do fall.

Deck/Patio Lighting

Decks and patios are great places to be during the warm seasons, as they allow you to catch a nice breeze and get some fresh air. Having the experts at Anthony's Cooling-Heating-Electrical install some deck lighting can completely change the atmosphere of your deck. Lighting can take your deck from just a nice place to escape the heat and turn it into a great spot for you and your friends to hang out or even an excellent place for a romantic evening.

Deck and patio lights aren't just all for show, as they can make your home more secure too. These lights allow you to see any potential intruders trying to enter your front or back door, giving you time to act.

Security Lighting

If burglary is a problem in your neighborhood, security lights are a smart option. Well-lit areas are a great way to ward off would-be intruders. Many potential thieves will look for an easier target without the element of surprise or an area to hide what they're doing.

Call the Professionals at Anthony's Cooling-Heating-Electrical

If you're looking to install lighting to add to the ambiance and protect your home, we've got you covered. Our capable team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to make all your lighting needs a reality.

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