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Anthony’s has been providing Lakewood Ranch Air Conditioning repair and service since 1988! We sympathize with you at that awful moment when you realize your air conditioning system is not working properly. We are an experienced company that takes the time to diagnose the problem and get you cool as soon as possible!

We are the premiere system repair experts cooling Sarasota one customer at a time.  There are numerous reasons air conditioners wear or break down. Don’t wait until your system is down to call us. If you notice strange fan noises, rattling, static electricity, over running, leaking ducts or that your air conditioner is not putting out maximum cold air this is a sign that you need professional repair.

Putting off a small inexpensive problem can save you from a big expensive problem in the future. Once you notice your air conditioner has a problem call right away to have it maintained. If your air conditioner is in poor working condition it is a sign that it will eventually fail.  If maintained properly, your air conditioning unit should last you for decades. That’s why we stand behind our motto, “You don’t need new until we say you do!”

If you have a problem with your air conditioner, contact us now and schedule an immediate repair with a certified air conditioner repair expert. We want to be your partner in air conditioner repair and maintenance as well as air conditioner system replacement.  We look out for your best interest because we want to earn your trust as our customer. Anthony’s will protect you from unnecessary expenses.We are highly affordable and have financing options. You can feel confident in knowing that!

Our Air Conditioning Services Include
Lakewood Ranch Air Conditioning

Lakewood Ranch Air Conditioning

Residential and Commercial
Service and Installation
Free Equipment Estimates
Second Opinions
Indoor Air Quality Solutions
Duct Cleaning

Our business is family owned so you will receive that personal touch on your service that sets us apart from the rest.  Click here to find out more about Anthony’s and the qualifications of our amazing team.

Our tools and procedures are in the forefront of those that are offered. We follow all federal regulations and local code requirements, so it will be done right the first time.

We are proud to be your Sarasota, Bradenton, Palmetto, The Islands and Lakewood Ranch air conditioning contractor. Give us a call to have one of our friendly and helpful technicians service your home today.