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Maintaining the Right Amount of Fresh Air in Your Home

Fresh air coming from the outside is an important factor in proper ventilation and good indoor air quality. However, there should only be enough air moving into your home to maintain balance. Here Anthony's Cooling-Heating-Electrical, a reputable HVAC contractor,...

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Reasons to Run a Humidifier During the Summer

The hot, sticky weather of summer can affect your comfort and sometimes even your productivity. While there's really nothing you can do to control the environment outside your home, there's a special trick to keeping your interior comfy amid the hot weather — running...

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3 Energy-Wasting Mistakes of Commercial HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are designed to meet your heating and cooling needs. They're responsible for maintaining good indoor air quality and preventing moisture issues. While some commercial building owners may think that the most effective way to save energy and reduce costs is...

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HVAC Service Contracts: Are They Worth the Money?

When we shiver at night during the chilly months of winter or sweat on hot, humid days, we typically rely on one thing in particular to keep us comfortable — our HVAC system. It's an essential tool in maintaining comfortable living conditions, whether at home or...

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Top Considerations for Upgrading Your Electric Panel

Any issues with your electric panel that require repair should be left to the professionals. However, it still pays to know a few basic things about this unit so you can deal with such problems in an informed way.In this post, Anthony's Cooling, Heating & Electrical,...

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Why HVAC Installation Quality Matters

Replacing old HVAC equipment requires your due diligence in selecting the right product to meet your needs. But while product choice is a critical aspect of your project, remember that hiring the right installer is just as important. Here Anthony's Cooling. Heating...

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Advice and Resources  Advice and Resources  Advice and Resources
Advice and Resources  Advice and Resources
Advice and Resources  Advice and Resources
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