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Why HVAC Installation Quality Matters

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Replacing old HVAC equipment requires your due diligence in selecting the right product to meet your needs. But while product choice is a critical aspect of your project, remember that hiring the right installer is just as important.

Here Anthony’s Cooling. Heating & Electrical, a trusted provider of cooling and heating services, discusses why HVAC installation quality matters.

Why HVAC Installation Matters

Here are the top three reasons why you should be careful when choosing your HVAC installer:

  • Proper HVAC installation contributes to a longer equipment lifespan. This means fewer issues needing repair and lower chances of premature wear and tear.
  • The quality of an HVAC installation can affect the comfort and safety of your home. Keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for air conditioning installation jobs, so your contractor needs to pay attention to the design and size of your ductwork as well as the settings of your unit to achieve optimal performance. Mistakes in these aspects can lead to humidity problems and temperature variance issues, among other things.
  • The correct setup of your HVAC equipment means less noise coming from the unit.

How to Avoid Common HVAC Installation Mistakes

Below are some common HVC installation errors that you should actively avoid:

  • Poorly-designed drainage – Air conditioners and furnaces can produce a significant amount of wastewater. If this isn’t drained safely away from your HVAC system, it can cause water leaks and severe damage to your home.
  • The wrong exhaust – Furnaces produce toxic gases like carbon monoxide, which need to be vented out of your home. Using the incorrect exhaust equipment can cause fumes to back up and accumulate in the air.
  • Poor air distribution – Your duct system ensures that heated or cooled air reaches the areas where it’s needed. That said, the duct size should match the output capacity of the unit to achieve proper air distribution.

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