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A Quick Guide to Hiring an HVAC Contractor

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Every home has unique heating and cooling requirements, which is why hiring the right HVAC contractors for air conditioning installation or repairs is important. In this blog, Anthony's Cooling-Heating-Electrical, Inc. shares a quick guide to hiring HVAC contractors.


HVAC contractors are typically required to have as much as five years of experience before they can be issued a license. Heating and air conditioning systems are complicated installations; therefore, you’ll need a contractor that knows their way around every aspect of a whole-house HVAC system. If the contractor offers electrical services, so much the better, as you won’t have to hire an electrician separately.


HVAC installation may require some minor construction work, so your HVAC contractor needs to have the same insurance coverage as most types of contractors in the construction business. Contractors should be able to furnish a copy of their insurance certificate, which should include coverage for accidental property damage (general liability insurance) and injuries (workers’ compensation).


Contractors who’ve been offering air conditioning and heating services for some time should have a list of references with valid contact numbers. If they do, you should ask for at least three and actually take the time to call them. Ask whether the contractor finished the work on time, how the quality of their work was and whether there were issues during or after installation.


HVAC contractors often carry a small selection of HVAC system brands. If you prefer products from a specific HVAC manufacturer, this is something that’s worth considering. HVAC contractors often carry a small selection of brands or just offer one product line from a specific manufacturer. One advantage of this is that the contractor will likely have received special training and certification from the manufacturer they represent.

Service Contracts

Heating and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance.  Some contractors may offer service contracts or maintenance programs. Service contracts eliminate the hassle of keeping track of maintenance requirements and booking HVAC contractors. Add this to your list of considerations when hiring an HVAC contractor, as it can save you time, money, and effort over time.

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