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Signs You Should Schedule an Electrical Inspection

Technician checking electrical box

An electrical inspection is necessary to maintain a safe and comfortable home for a long period of time. It’s been said that you should have your home’s electrical system checked out at least every 10 years. For many people, that’s a big gap! So how exactly can you tell if it’s time to call an electrician and have them assess your system? Here a reputable source of electrical services shares some signs to watch out for.

Regular circuit trips. Circuits trip from time to time. To fix this issue, you simply have to locate the circuit box and flip the switch. However, if you find your circuit tripping more frequently than is normal, it’s definitely time to ring a local electrician to have it inspected. Your circuit becoming overloaded is a common cause of this dilemma. It’s also possible that there could be a short or fault in the system. Fortunately, a professional can check on this for you and sort out the problem.

Flickering lights. There are several reasons for flickering lights. After completing a tune-up, a heating and electric expert may lay the blame on damaged wiring within the fixture, a defective switch or issues with a fault. Another common problem with lights is dimming. If your lights are starting to grow faint, the system could be overloaded, or there could be an issue in the wiring itself.

Damaged insulation. A case of damaged insulation should be checked out by an experienced electrician as soon as possible since it can pose a fire hazard. Watch out for signs such as cut, burnt or frayed wires or insulation.

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