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Two Common Heat Pump Issues & How to Solve Them

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When it comes to making your home comfortable through every season, heat pumps are a great option to consider due to their energy efficiency. Also, during the winter they transfer heat evenly, which means that they consume less energy than traditional heaters and are far more reliable. However, if you run into issues, you need to know how to address them.

In this post, Anthony's Cooling-Heating-Electrical shares two common heat pump issues and how to resolve them.

Not emitting warm air. If your heat pump isn’t running, most likely it isn’t receiving power. First, you’ll need to check your thermostat. Check if it’s set to heat and if the heat pump is on. If the issue persists, it might have improper wiring. This may happen if the thermostat is fairly new or if your HVAC technician didn’t wire it up properly. If this is the case, it could compromise other electrical components and cause the wires to fray.

Another possible reason is that the thermostat isn’t the right type. Make sure that you get a model that works for heat pumps. Lastly, check your circuit breaker to see if it’s functioning properly. If it tripped, try to reset the breaker. If it doesn’t, contact your local air conditioning services expert to request assistance.

Weird noises. Your heat pump may be one of the loudest components running in your house, as it creates a humming sound if it’s running normally. However, if you notice that you’re hearing rattling, grinding, screeching or squealing, this means that something is wrong. One of the main causes of this issue is a loose fan belt, which can cause flapping noises. If you hear rattling sounds, other components may have come loose. If you hear bubbling sounds, then your refrigerant may have leaked. Make sure that you have a heating technician come over to see what’s causing the noise and have it addressed.

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