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Essential HVAC Tips for Homeowners

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Get an Efficient and Functional HVAC

Oftentimes, our heating and cooling systems are out of sight and mind. While adjusting our home's internal temperature with the click of a button comes with ease, your HVAC system is working hard on a daily basis to maintain the ideal temperature in your home. From offering refreshing conditioned air in the summer to providing a cozy home for the winter, your HVAC system does it all.

HVAC systems are a significant investment in your home's comfort, and you'll want to ensure that it can serve your household's heating and cooling needs for years to come. These helpful tips can help you set your HVAC system up for success! Keep reading to learn more.

Routine Maintenance

Your HVAC system is one of the most utilized components of your home. With heavy daily usage, it's no surprise that it may require occasional maintenance and tune-ups to continue operating at its best.

Keeping up with routine maintenance offers many benefits to homeowners. Not only can frequent professional inspections and tune-ups allow for early spotting of potential problems, but they can also ensure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency. When your system is performing at optimal efficiency, you'll reap the benefits of lowered monthly utility bills!

In addition to increased efficiency, keeping up with HVAC maintenance can help extend the system's overall lifespan. No homeowner wants to replace their HVAC system sooner than necessary, so keeping up with routine maintenance is essential!

Proper Ventilation

When it comes to central air, ventilation is critical! While the long-standing myth of closing air vents to save money is still around, this fib couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, closing vents can cause more harm than good to your heating and cooling system. Closed vents lead to increased internal pressure, which can throw off the entire system's performance levels and air calibration.

To prevent overloading your HVAC system, keep those vents open and free of any possible obstructions. Furniture or household appliances blocking vents can also lead to improper ventilation, so don't hesitate to rearrange your home to ensure adequate airflow.

Keep the Thermostat At a Constant Temperature

While many of us adjust the thermostat according to our individual temperature preferences, it's best to discover the optimal temperature setting for your home to maximize energy efficiency. It can be tempting to adjust the thermostat frequently; however, frequent adjustments can force your unit to work harder to keep up with temperature demands.

Change Air Filters

The golden rule of central air ownership is to change air filters frequently! Filters are responsible for trapping outside pollutants and irritants in order to keep your indoor air quality fresh and clean. When filters become clogged, their ability to filter contaminants is hindered.

Not only can clogged air filters impact your indoor air quality, but they can also force your HVAC system to work overtime. HVAC systems are designed to operate at full capacity with fresh filters; however, HVAC performance can be significantly hindered if the filter is filled with dirt, dust, and other debris.

Inspect for Drafts

Your heating and cooling system works diligently to keep up with your household's temperature demands. A simple air leak can throw off your home's internal temperature and make your HVAC system work harder than necessary to reach the ideal temperature. Check all doors and windows for leaks or gaps that may need additional weatherstripping.

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